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Finding the right concrete supplier for your next projects needs comes down to understanding the job requirements and researching the different options available so you can make an informed decision.
How to find the right concrete supplier for your next project

Concrete suppliers NZ are specialist production plants which offer a range of cementitious products to cater for large and small scale projects. Finding the right concrete supplier for your next projects needs comes down to understanding the job requirements and researching the different options available so you can make an informed decision. Concrete suppliers New Zealand typically offer a range of exclusive products which can be categorised under 5 basic categories:

Premix Concrete Products, Ready Mix Concrete, Mortar Mix, Coating Systems And Repair Systems, Cementitious Bag Products

While the categorises are shared across the concrete supplier industry the actual solutions and performance features vary significantly. Some NZ concrete suppliers rely on product ranges coming from overseas while other concrete suppliers develop and manufacture their own priority products in New Zealand. At Mastermix, we have been developing solutions for over 20 years, geared towards the unique environmental conditions experienced here in New Zealand.

Our customers are our new product team as we take pride in taking the time to understand their needs and then get to work developing products which solve real world problems. We have developed a unique range of premix concrete products which incorporate the key ingredients cement, water, aggregates and admixtures, plus priority elements such as basalt fiber reinforcement to create concrete solutions which are not available by ready mix concrete prices NZ.

If you are in the market for coating systems or repair systems for an existing structure which has not held up to the environmental rigors you might be surprised by the performance features we offer in this category. Each product has been developed from the ground up to solve issues which our customers have not been able to fix with other concrete suppliers Christchurch NZ.

To really understand how our coating and repair systems can help your next project check out these case studies.

Concrete suppliers prices

When it comes to concrete supplier prices it is important to appreciate the difference in product performance attributes so you can create an accurate comparison. At Mastermix, we pride ourselves on offering a range of products which often exceed the warranty requirements of our clients. This is an important factor to consider when comparing concrete supplier prices as upfront costs are only part of the picture. As concrete structures are typically designed to last decades, repairs down the line can be just as costly as the initial project costs.

To illustrate just how important considering the lifetime cost of a project is when comparing concrete supplier prices check out a Nelson manhole repair project Mastermix untook using our Shield product.

By incorporating our Rapid Repair and Shield products we were able to provide a 50 year warranty on our solution. Compare this to the expected 7 year lifespan required by the Nelson council and you can quickly appreciate the difference in product quality between Mastermix and other concrete suppliers in NZ.

We believe each project requires a unique solution which is why we recommend giving us a call so we can work together to understand the best product mix. We can then provide a no obligation quote which factors in the upfront costs and lifetime of our products when applied for your project. This will help you compare more accurately with other concrete supplier price lists.

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Mastermix is a New Zealand based concrete supplier based out of Foxton, Palmerston North which has the unique ability to offer products specifically formulated for our customers. As we develop and manufacture right here in New Zealand and aren’t just another distributor of overseas ready mix concrete products nz, you will get the right solution. With over 20 years working with clients across the country and a growing list of Mastermix Approved Applicators who are experts in working with our unique products you are in capable hands.

Another advantage of working with Mastermix is all our products have been developed under the New Zealand regulator environment and we have plenty of experience working with local councils across the country so you can be sure that we adhere and even exceed quality standards. Get in touch with us today to get your problem sorted. We offer no obligation advice and free quotes which will allow you to make an informed decision.