Premix Concrete Bags

Our high performance commercial grade concrete mix which is suitable for use in original construction and repair projects.

Mastermix Ready To Use Concrete is a high performance commercial concrete mix which is suitable for use in original construction and repair projects. It is easy to use, just add water and let our precise blend of aggregates and admixtures guarantee you the perfect mix every time.

Selecting the right ready mix concrete product to suit your project’s specific requirements can be difficult. MasterMix and Packaging Limited is here to save you time and money by walking you through the selection process. We have an exhaustive selection of premix and rapid set concrete products and will ensure that you find the products and materials you need to complete your job to the highest standard.


Product Performance As part of our commitment to developing the best products for your projects, Mastermix has maintained a 20 year history of rigorous testing via internationally recognised laboratories. We pay top dollar to put our products to the test so you don’t have to. OPUS Laboratory Results: Independent tests through OPUS have shown results of better than 20Mpa after 7 days, and better than 30Mpa after 28 days. Further, RTU has been scientifically proven to meet and exceed NZ Standards: 3109 Concrete Construction and 3101:2006 Concrete Structures.
Packaging RTU comes packaged in 20kg and 30kg weatherproof bags with a shelf life of 3 months when kept in cool, dry conditions. Our proprietary process ensures the perfect mix of aggregates and admixtures meaning you can create the ideal concrete for your job every time.
Instructions RTU should be mixed thoroughly and evenly with clean potable water at 4.5L to the 30kg bag until a smooth buttery consistency is achieved. IMPORTANT: Water should not be poured separately into a post hole before mixing Rapid Mix products as it may compromise the integrity of the project.
Coverage & Performance 1 bag of RTU yields 0.018mɜ approx. 1.00m x 450mm x 40mm in area. Independent tests have shown results of better than 20Mpa after 7 days, and better than 30 Mpa after 28 days. RTU meets and exceeds NZS: 3109 and NZS: 3101:2006.
Warranty As part of our commitment to delivering the best customer experience throughout the project lifecycle, Mastermix Director Steve Douglas personally reviews each warranty request. Each Warranty period is awarded at our discretion and will only be considered where approved Mastermix product applicators are used.


RTU is a cement based product and contains no additional
aggressive products. See packaging for full details.

The ambient temperature affects the curing time of RTU it is best used in temperatures between 7ᵒC and 25ᵒC.
The water content will also affect the curing time.

Although the technical details and recommendations Contained in this document correspond to the best of our knowledge and experience, all the above information must in every case be taken as merely indicative and subject to confirmation after long term practical applications. For this reason, anyone who intends to use the product must ensure, beforehand, that it is suitable for the envisaged  application. In every case, the user alone is fully responsible for any consequences deriving from the use of the product.

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