We supply a wide range of bagged premix concrete to customers designed to fulfil the specific requirements of the New Zealand building and construction industry. All our products are applied by approved Mastermix Product Applicators so you can be confident that your project will be done right the first time. We bag our precisely formulated blend of aggregates and admixtures premix concrete at our Foxton manufacturing plant, which is just outside of Palmerston North and deliver all around the country.


There are several ways to source the concrete needed for your next project. Concrete can be produced offsite before being delivered via a concrete mixer truck, which is known as Ready Mix concrete or bagged concrete can be mixed on site by adding water, which is known as Premix Concrete. Ready mix concrete NZ is produced using specialist mixing equipment which is normally not available at a construction site. Ready mix simply refers to the concrete being transported to the site ready for use.

Concrete mix NZ is produced using specialist mixing equipment which is normally not available at a construction site. Ready mix simply refers to the concrete being transported to the site ready for use. Premixed concrete, like the products produced by Mastermix, are specifically crafted in our manufacturing plant with a proprietary blend aggregates, cement, paste and our very own special sauce, basalt fibre reinforcement for class leading concrete strength. While both options are viable for your next project, our extensive range of premix options ensure we have the perfect solution every time.

How To Make Premix Concrete

premix concrete

Our extensive range of concrete mix design NZ products come in 20kg and 30kg weatherproof bags which have a shelf life of 3 months.

  • To prepare the ideal concrete for your next project simply mix 4.5L of water evenly through a 30kg bag of our Premix concrete.
  • Once the mixture has achieved a smooth workable consistency you are ready to pour your concrete. Wait 15 minutes after pouring, before you complete your final trowelling for the perfect finish.
  • It is important to remember not to pour the water and concrete separately into its final resting place as this may compromise the integrity of the project.
  • Before mixing our concrete products we recommend calculating the exact requirements of your project so that there is no wastage. 1 bag of our popular RTU and RTU45 products yields approx 0.018mɜ in an area of 1.00m x 450mm x 40mm.

Premix Concrete Price

Our extensive range of concrete mix NZ products come in convenient 20kg and 30kg bags from our manufacturing plant based out of Foxton. We deliver nationwide and can provide a commitment free quote for your next project. Our products are competitively priced in terms of upfront value and the often overlooked long term cost of repairs and replacement.

This includes offering full warranties on each of our products which are awarded on a case by case basis. We have even been known to exceed the requirements of our clients on more than one occasion. Check out this case study for a sewer manhole refurbishment job commissioned by the Kapiti Coast District Council

We like to understand your requirements before quoting as we offer a wide range of speciality
products which may offer solutions beyond what you expect. Give us a call or send an enquiry with the details about your project. We would be happy to provide a quote.

Why Choose Mastermix Concrete Mix NZ?

Mastermix is an industry leader which is uniquely focused on providing concrete solutions for New Zealand’s toughest environmental and industrial challenges. We have been solving our customers concrete problems for over 20 years. We are so committed to finding the perfect solution that we pay independent laboratories OPUS and IANZ to test all our products before we offer them to our clients.

For more information on the type of projects, testimonials and product breakdowns for the entire range.

Selecting the right premix concrete product to suit your project’s specific requirements can be difficult which is why MasterMix is here to save you time and money by walking you through the selection process.

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