Mastermix Joint-Loc – Pave Locking Mix

Our advanced cross-linked polymers blend ensure the strongest paver joint bond in the market while maintaining the flexibility needed for long term results. Contact Mastermix and one of our expert staff will guide you through the process to low maintenance paving.
Mastermix Joint-Loc – Pave Locking Mix
Product Introduction and Description

Mastermix Joint-Loc mix is a kiln dried sand and cross-linked polymer blend designed to provide maximum bonding strength and durability. Typically joints between outdoor pavers are filled with sand, which tend to wash out over time. Our solution actually hardens with moisture creating a lasting bond which has been independently tested to maintain a 0.43KN shear strength with a 20mm gap.

Joint Loc is suitable for commercial and private use, including heavy traffic conditions, sloping sites and high wind areas. Further as it meets NZ Standards 3116:1991 for joint sand grading you can be confident our product will deliver the results you expect.

Joint-Loc is an advanced paver jointing compound with the capacity to provide a flexible bond at the paver joints:

Trade quality product
A combination of kiln dried sand and cross linked polymers designed to give maximum performance and durability
Ideal for high traffic, sloping sites and high wind areas
Will fill up to a 20mm joint width
Meets NZS3116:1991 for joint sand grading
Available in black, grey and white

Joint-Loc is suitable for use with all concrete and clay pavers in both light and heavy traffic conditions, were the joint gap does not exceed 20mm.

Discuss your project needs with our experienced team to find out if Joint-Loc is right for your project.
Product Performance As part of our commitment to developing the best products for your projects, Mastermix has maintained a 20 year history of rigorous testing via internationally recognised laboratories. We pay top dollar to put our products to the test so you don’t have to. IANZ Laboratory Results Independent tests through IANZ show that a 5mm wide joint has a 0.33KN shear strength and increases as the gap widens, i.e. 20mm gap is 0.43KN. Further, Joint-Loc has been scientifically proven to meet NZ Standards: 3116:1991 for joint sand grading.
Packaging Joint-Loc comes packaged in 30kg weatherproof bags with a shelf life of 3 months when kept in cool, dry conditions.
Instructions Apply ‘Joint-Loc’ to completed areas of paving, sweeping it into the joints and using a plate vibrator to ensure maximum fill between all joints. Once the joints are filled, sweep away all surplus material before applying clean water to set the compound. Ensure that the water does not wash out the ‘Joint-Loc’.
Coverage & Performance
Paver Thickness 40mm 50mm 65mm
30kg bag 12-15m2 10-12m2 7-9m2
1 tonne bag 400-450m2 330-375m2 230-280m2
Warranty As part of our commitment to delivering the best customer experience throughout the project lifecycle, Mastermix Director Steve Douglas personally reviews each warranty request. Each Warranty period is awarded at our discretion and will only be considered where approved Mastermix product applicators are used.