We have developed a comprehensive range of mortar mix products to suite the needs of your next project. We believe that the right tool for the job means lasting results that you can depend on for the lifetime of the project. All our products are applied by approved Mastermix Product Applicators so you can be confident that your project will be done right the first time. Our Mortar Mix NZ products come in premixed bags and are a cement based product range that contain no additional aggressive products. They can be used to bond together bricks or other masonry units for a variety of projects depending on what attributes are needed to get the job done.

What is Mortar Mix

Mortar is a mixture of sand and cement that acts as a bonding agent for brick, stone and block laying. While there are some similarities between concrete and mortar it is important to understand their differences as they should not be used interchangeably. The most obvious difference is concrete is stronger and more durable, making it appropriate for structural projects such as posts, foundations and pathways while mortar mix NZ is used as the glue between bricks or for plastering jobs. As a general rule mortar is used to stick things together, not stand alone.

Both mortar and concrete use a mixture of cement, sand and water but concrete is reinforced with gravel and other coarse aggregates which make it tougher. While water is used to create the required slurry, the amount of water is much lower in concrete and is overall a thinner consistency than mortar. The thicker consistency of mortar makes it an ideal adhesive for bricks and tiles in both new and repair projects. The Mastermix Mortar Mix range incorporates a plasticiser which makes the product even more workable which places and floats off well to create a beautiful finish. Each type has been specifically formulated with different ratios of cement, sand, plasticiser and water to achieve the different characteristics required by our customers. This includes projects which require extremely high strength mortar, fireproof and waterproof features.

How can you make mortar mix stronger

One of the key differences between brick mortar mix and concrete is their relative strength. Before answering the question of how to make mortar mix stronger it is important to understand why there is a difference in their relative strengths to begin with.

  • As highlighted above, mortar mix is used as a bonding agent between bricks or blocks. The goal is for the bricks or blocks to be the strongest link in the chain, with the NZ mortar mix acting as the sacrificial element as the natural movement of the chain occurs due to expansion and contraction, movement of the foundation as well as the load bearing nature of the structure in general.
  • These forces over time weaken the mortar, while protecting the bricks or blocks, slowly breaking or crumbling. With the bricks or blocks structurally intact it is a much simpler matter to chip out the damaged mortar mix and repoint. On the other hand, if the bricks or blocks were to fail, then the repair job would be much more significant as you would likely have to rebuild the entire wall.
  • With that in mind there are projects which require you to make the mortar mix stronger such as bridge builds, sewer repairs or some brick and block work. We recommend giving our technical department a call for guidance before selecting the mortar mix for your next project so we can offer the necessary advice on what mortar mix project in our range best suits your needs.

  • As a general rule, the less water added will strengthen the mortar mix however this only works to a point. This is because not enough water can impact the hydration process causing the mixture to crumble.

  • Adding hydrated lime is a time tested way to make mortar mix stronger. It is recommended to create lime mortar at ratios of 1:0.25:3 (cement:lime:sand) for higher strength and durability down to 1:3:12 for a weaker mix capable of accommodating more movement. At Mastermix, we have developed a specific mortar mix new zealand product which has a much higher compression strength than standard mortar mix products. In fact, our Super master mix has a compression strength of over 69.5MPa after 28 days compared to 55MPa for our standard Mortar Mix product.

Mortar Mix Prices

We have developed a wide range of Mortar Mix NZ products which are packed in 20kg and 30kg waterproof bags. In order to offer the best price on our mortar mix products we recommend giving us a call to discuss the requirements of your next project. Our technical team can then ensure we provide the right mortar mix product at a competitive price.

For more information on the type of projects, testimonials and product breakdowns for the entire range.

Selecting the right mortar mix concrete product to suit your project’s specific requirements can be difficult which is why MasterMix is here to save you time and money by walking you through the selection process.

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