Stability in your time of need

Culvert Bags are useful as a stabilisation force which can be applied in as short a period as possible.

Optimum strength

Our Mastermix Culvert Bags have been specifically manufactured to stack cleanly while giving optimum strength of 20MPa in just 7 days and 30MPa after 28 days.


We have designed them to be set and forget with biodegradable polypropylene bags which have low UV resistance. This helps them breakdown as quickly as possible without compromising the retaining walls strength.

Totara St, Masterton

On a recent job done by Mastermix product applicator CityCare Masterton all the performance features were used to great effect.
They were tasked with building a retaining wall to reinforce the wall of a Stormwater Runoff Drain. The conditions were difficult with recent weather conditions causing the walls in some areas to become unstable and break into the drain.

By utilising our Culvert Bags, we were able to quickly dig out the damaged areas and stack them each side of drain even as water flowed past.
Due to the fast setting times the Culvert Bags were able to hold back the surrounding soil and will quickly become a seamless part of the environment once the biodegradable bags breakdown naturally.
  • → Retaining walls
  • → Retaining walls
  • → Erosion control
  • → Riverbank protection
  • → For filling gabion baskets (river protection)
  • → Dam headwalls on farms
  • → Walls at the end of cattle underpasses
  • → Flumes and Chutes (on steep road sides)
  • → Sea Walls (we need to waterproof the mix)
  • → Stabilising tracks
  • → Around bridges abutments
  • → For laying in soft part of gravel roads to give a hard base for traffic
  • → Erosion repairs in earth dams


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