Water supply resilience is key within the urban landscape, and ensuring the quality and consistency of that supply is paramount. Wellington weather conditions can significantly affect the above-ground water reservoir stock in the area, so vigilance and proactive maintenance scheduling are essential to ensure that when deterioration is sustained, it is appropriately addressed within timeframes that will head off critical damage.


Concrete tanks expand and contract with temperature changes – and the material’s porous nature also sustains seepage over time. When movement occurs, cracking can become a serious issue. Working on a tank before cracks become leaks will head off contamination of the water supply by mould and bacteria. So when Wellington Water called to get the job done, we sent in a Masterix-approved applicator with the best set of products for the job.


The expert team from Juno Civil Ltd performed a thorough inspection of the exterior of the concrete tank. There was clear evidence that time and weather had taken a toll across the top surface to varying degrees, and a hydro clean was the first step to strip away dirt and grime and create the best foundation for a Mastermix solution to be applied. It was also deemed essential to address the job with a certified product that was guaranteed not to affect the taste or turbidity of the stored water.


In order to halt the ingress of water and work towards future-proofing the tank, the call was made to utilise Multi-Cote – the best Mastermix product to ensure that the job was done once and done right. Multi-Cote provides a render to virtually all stable substrates, including steel, block work, brick, and in this case, concrete. This is a top-performing coating system that forms an inert waterproof seal without compromising the quality of the water. Juno Civil Ltd used Multimix here to address exterior issues – but it also does a great job on tank interiors.


Wellington Water has forged ahead with Multimix after great results were noted. To date, they have had 15 tanks in their reservoir stock successfully mended to a high standard with Multi-Cote, and it’s looking like the rest of these critical water storage facilities will get the same treatment going forward.




High strength coating medium for:

  • Trade quality product
  • Best results show a design life around 50 years
  • Great for water tanks, swimming pools & wastewater plants
  • Adheres in damp conditions
  • Colour tint can be added to the mix, or the finished product can be painted
  • Acid and alkali resistant.
  • Works across concrete steel, block work & brick
  • High Flexibility
  • Waterproof repair medium
  • Non-toxic & Stored water safe


Because Mastermix works locally we forefront environmentally sustainable processes. We love our country, and we are always on the lookout for a better way to bring you the concrete products you need with an eye to better ways to manufacture more eco-friendly products. Our New Zealand concrete solutions are also supplied with a commitment to ensure your concrete delivers above and beyond, and many of our products exceed the projected standard for warranties by decades. We are always reviewing our processes to see where we can best serve our customers and the wider community with a highly trained staff that is abreast of innovations in the industry – so you are always working with a premium solution.


Mastermix is on board to chat you through your job and offer you professional advice on the concrete product that will serve you best in any situation.

Get in touch with the pros at Mastermix today to get the job done right!

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