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The first factor is finding the concrete solutions provider who offers the product solutions which fits the job description. At Mastermix, we have been delivering our products New Zealand wide for over 20 years out of our manufacturing plant in Foxton, Palmerston North.

Mastermix is your kiwi concrete solutions provider

Finding the right concrete solutions provider for your next project comes down to several key factors. The first factor is finding the concrete solutions provider who offers the product solution which fits the job description. Each project has different requirements which vary significantly depending on the scope of the project:

Project scale, Budget considerations, Site access, Delivery requirements, Timelines, Project support

Project Scale

Depending on the size of your project, you may have different considerations which a concrete
solutions provider will need to be able to cater for. To begin with you need a concrete solutions provider who is accessible in your local area. At Mastermix, we have been delivering our products New Zealand wide for over 20 years out of our manufacturing plant in Foxton, Palmerston North. We have a network of approved applicators who are specialists in working with our full product range so you know you will get the right result the first time. We batch create our product line for your specific requirements for small scale private jobs and large commercial projects including servicing local councils nationwide.

Budget Considerations

Maintaining a budget is one of the most important factors to managing a project. Cost overruns, timeline delays and managing concrete suppliers can all contribute to budget blowouts which jeopardise the project. At Mastermix, we take your budget requirements to another level as we focus on the long term cost of repairs caused by deficiencies in the materials and construction process. Some concrete solutions NZ providers offer certain customisations in the amount of cement, water and admixtures offered. On the other hand we work with approved applicators which ensure that you get access to our full range of solutions, with class leading performance specifications which you can be confident will be delivered on.

This is important as it allows us to provide the best product for your situation and we will personally offer a warranty on our products after inspecting the project throughout the build process to ensure everything goes smoothly. One of our previous jobs for the Nelson council had a requirement for a 7 year solution for manholes in a high acidity environment. Using our Rapid Repair and Shield products we were able to offer a 50 year warranty on our solution.

Give us a call so we can discuss your project first before choosing your next concrete solutions provider. We may be able to provide a solution which is beyond your expectations and provide a no obligation quote.

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Site access

For any given project having clear paths for vehicles and personal will pay huge dividends in terms of timelines and costs for a project. This can be particularly important when delivery supplies. At Mastermix, we offer a range of premix cementitious products in convenient
waterproof 20kg and 30kg bags which can be stored on site just in time for when you need them.

Depending on timelines, delays or site access issues it can be difficult and costly to use a ready mix solution. This is particularly the case for repair jobs where the worksite is no longer
easily accessible.

Delivery requirements

Having a local solution and even better a single solution to as many considerations for a
building project can be a huge benefit. We believe in offering the complete solution which is why we have spent the last 20 years building a network of approved applicators for our product line nationwide. This means you can be confident knowing you have full access to our range from anywhere at specific batch quantities you need:

Premix Concrete Products, Ready Mix Concrete, Mortar Mix, Coating Systems And Repair Systems, Cementitious Bag Products


Many concrete solutions providers use products from overseas manufacturers which limits their ability to cater for the specific needs of your project. Our product range is designed and produced as proprietary concrete solutions from our manufacturing plant in Foxton, New Plymouth. This gives us the unique ability to create custom orders that specifically meet your needs at a timeline of your choosing. We deliver New Zealand wide and have a nationwide list of approved applicators who are your concrete solutions provider.

Project support

Being a concrete solutions provider is more than just delivering a batch of ready mix concrete at a time and place. We believe each project needs active support from the concrete solutions provider from product advice, site inspections during and at completion, warranty review and yearly site inspections to ensure the solution is performing to specification. We developed our products for the harsh New Zealand environment and are best positioned to give you the support you need to successfully complete your project today and throughout its useful life.

Before you decide which concrete solutions is the best solution for your next project give Mastermix a call. We can help advise you on the right product mix and provide a no obligation quote which lasts the lifetime of your project.