Fonterra is renowned for having stringent quality control when it comes to accepting milk products from dairy farms across New Zealand. Being rejected by such a large buyer was something the owners of Pahiatua and Opotiki Dairy Farms wanted to avoid – at all costs. The concern arose when the farms identified a number of problems typical of older milk sheds – including concrete degradation due to prolonged acid and alkali washes and exposure to cow urine. With cracks appearing all over the holding yards helped along by years of minor earthquakes, the need to repair to adhere to compliance rules became imperative.

Project details

  • Client: Pahiatua Dairy Farm Opotiki Dairy Farm
  • Date: March 2020
  • Products: Mastermix Mix and Pour
  • Consultant: MasterMix
The owner of Pahiatua Dairy Farm required a strong, long-lasting repair for the cracks in the holding yards and resurfacing of eroded concrete found in the milk shed. They needed a product that would set quickly, be easy to handle and also be ready in time for the cows to use again in a matter of hours.

Mix and Pour was used to resurface patches of roughly 1-2sqm of 3mm-6mm depth creating a waterproof and acid resistant repair layer, and filled cracks of up to 30mm width and 100mm depth at the Pahiatua Dairy Farm. Using just a rubber squeegee as a spreading tool, a 1kg bag of Mix and Pour filled in approximately 1qm of damaged concrete.

Acidic environments are a challenge to maintain, and with dairy sheds being washed down regularly with both acid and alkali, they need a specifically designed cement to deal with future washes to provide a long term solution.

Mix and Pour is completely acid and alkali resistant, making it a perfect partner for dairy farmers countrywide. Tests on Mix and Pour have been carried out against Suplphuric, Hydrochloric and Lactic Acid as well as Caustic Soda – with favourable results, and can withstand compression strengths of over 20Mpa while still remaining flexible.

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