Mastermix Shield

Mastermix Shield is a product category redefining coating system which utilises recycled glass to form a hard wearing durable top coat over most substrates, which require a waterproof coating that is inert and acid free.

As a New Zealand owned and operated company, Mastermix has long maintained a community focus. Part of that commitment has been towards developing environmentally friendly products. One area we identified as being an issue was the costly problem of recycled glass, with most local councils ill equipped to process them.

As a result we saw an opportunity to incorporate the problem into Mastermix Shield, which leverages the unique properties of glass to form a hard wearing durable top coat over most substrates which require a waterproof coating that is inert and acid free.

Independent tests from respected international laboratories are in the process of being revamped to better understand the performance limits of this product. Shield is redefining the Industry Standard for its product category. Tests have shown a design life of better than 50 years!

We are proud to offer a product which contributes to the solution while maintaining our high standards for product performance.


Product Performance As part of our commitment to developing the best products for your projects, Mastermix has maintained a 20 year history of rigorous testing via internationally recognised laboratories. We pay top dollar to put our products to the test so you don’t have to. AMS Laboratory Results: Compressive strength is better than 20Mpa.These tests were carried out in Sulphuric, Hydrochloric, Lactic acids, and Caustic soda. Compressive strength tested to ISO: 13007. Laboratory partners such as AMS have commited to redeveloping the testing standards for coating systems to better understand the performance limits of Shield and the expected Industry Standard for competing products in this category. MasterMix Shield has also been successfully tested and conforms to AS/NZS 4020:2005 Products in contact with drinking water. Should further information be required, please contact our Technical Department for a full copy of the test report.
Packaging Mastermix Shield is packaged in 10 liter and 20 liter plastic pails. The shelf life is 6 months when kept in cool and dry conditions in the original container with the lid on.
Instructions The area to be coated must be thoroughly clean of: 🗸 Grease 🗸 Loose and weak material 🗸 Other foreign matter MasterMix Shield must be mixed with clean potable water and applied by spray unit suitable for cementitious based products to a thickness of 2-5mm. This may need to be achieved in 2 coats. Additional coats are to be applied 3 to 4 hours after the previous coat, subject to drying conditions. Each application of MasterMix Shield will take approx 30 mins to become tacky at an ambient temperature of 16oC and cured in 3 to 4 hours.
Coverage & Performance Temperature, humidity, and water content will affect these times. MasterMix Shield should not be applied in temperatures below 7°C. When applying at 3mm thick a 10 Ltr pail will achieve 10m2 coverage (approx).
Warranty As part of our commitment to delivering the best customer experience throughout the project lifecycle, Mastermix Director Steve Douglas personally reviews each warranty request. Each Warranty period is awarded at our discretion and will only be considered where approved Mastermix product applicators are used. Often times we EXCEED the required project warranty period by up to 43 years!
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