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Master Mix is a completely New Zealand owned concrete specialist company, with over two decades of experience and expertise in the construction industry nationwide. We are committed to the quality, safety and versatility of our products and never stop testing them. Being one of the most sought after concrete manufacturers in N.Z, we pride ourselves on being smart, efficient and cost-effective to adapt to any of your construction needs.

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You are welcome to drop in for a visit at our plant during business hours. Just be sure to call ahead: 21 Bergin Road, Foxton, 4815.

Products You Can Trust

We supply quality concrete, repair and construction products all sourced using local materials and our staff are highly trained with a comprehensive knowledge of all our products because we created them at our local concrete manufacturer plant to deliver you the best product, advice and solution to fit your specific requirements. Our high-quality products include

We supply commercial ready-to-use concrete mixes, suitable for both original construction projects and repair jobs. We offer a range of options to suit your needs including the impressively fast setting RTU 15 with sets in 15 minutes. These concrete solutions are crack and shrink resistant, and are built to last.


Our own innovative, high-performance concrete solution that offers super-fast curing times, high compression capabilities, hydrophobic qualities and so much more. This mix is designed to repair most concrete products including those found in Water Storage Facilities, Manholes and Water Treatment Plants. Rapid Repair has a design life of over 50 years when applied by a Mastermix Approved Applicator.


This eco-friendly and waterproof concrete solution uses recycled glass to form a hard-wearing and durable topcoat over most substrates. Our product is also inert and acid-free! At Mastermix, we value our community focus, which is why we put our energy into developing products that do not hurt our environment.


These are our general-purpose mixes most suitable for both brick and block work, featuring plasticiser added into the mix in order to be more workable. Our mortars are waterproof, heatproof and strong enough to cope with any new or repair work that you required them for.


Our ‘Armor’ forms an effective waterproof and acid-proof barrier, withstanding compressive loads of up to 14.7MPa. Its versatility and strength make it a must-have repair product in tricky conditions found in marine or high-acidity environments, where replacing the concrete just isn’t an option.


Quality and cost-effective culvert bags, weighted retaining bags, and the strongest paver on the market are some of our other trusted products on offer. We pride all our products on being the highest-grade possible so that you get the best result and workmanship that money can buy.


Constant Testing = Consistent Quality

Here at Mastermix, we are dedicated to delivering solid and trustworthy products. Our testing of new and existing products is a continuous task, at our own expense, to make sure that you get the quality you paid for.

We commission independent testing in acclaimed worldwide laboratories, to ensure that our products do exactly as they say on the package. We believe that in order to be one of the leading Concrete Manufacturers in N.Z, our products have to be the very best with lasting results that outlive the useful life of the project itself.

In addition, we believe in transparency and therefore provide all of our test results for public scrutiny.


Our Success Stories

We believe that our customers deserve the best concrete manufacturers service and products on the N.Z market! Mastermix can supply the right solution for any of your construction needs, and we can happily back up those claims with real-life success stories from previous contracts. The kinds of jobs we have worked on throughout N.Z include –

  • Dunedin’s Wastewater pumping station – This job covered the repair of corroded ageing and damage due to hydrogen sulphide (H2S) exposure. It now is guaranteed for the next 7 years as part of Dunedin Council’s requirements.

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  • Various swimming pool concrete coating – We have catered to swimming pool repairs of all kinds to deal with surface cracks and leaks. Contact us today to discuss how we can help to get your pools back on track.

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  • Timaru Sewer Manhole concrete repair – The existing manholes were installed nearly 20 years earlier and were suffering from corrosion due to H2S exposure and other substances. Rapid Repair and Armour were the products of choice in this successful repair job.

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