Refurbishment of existing swimming pools can be a costly exercise in frustration with repaired surface cracks and leaks appearing over and over again. While stress points in the pool shell or substandard building materials is often to blame it can often be difficult to pinpoint the specific cause.


Project details

  • Client: Various Swimming Pools, Private and Commercial
  • Date: N/A
  • Products: Multi-Cote

Through the innovative products manufactured by MasterMix a cost effective alternative solution was developed to refurbish existing swimming pools. MULTI-COTE is a high adhesion and waterproof top coat which is inert and acid free.

It can be used to fix any existing cracks and also be utilised as a hard hearing top coated (tinting optional) to provide a waterproof membrane.

With an adhesion tensile strength of greater than 3.32 N/mm2 one 2mm application of Multi-Cote will provide a durable waterproof coating that does not adversely affect the quality of the stored water.

Mastermix Multi-Cote has has a design life of better than 50 years!

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