Waterproof solution for the Marton township water reservoir

Recently we were fortunate enough to help the Rangitīkei District Council by repairing a spillway at the Marton township water reservoir. The spillway had developed numerous cracks that allowed the water to start to undermine the dam walls.

Our Mastermix Product Applicator Shane Gribbon Ltd used Waterproof Mortar and Multi-Cote to repair the cracks.

Mastermix Waterproof Mortar Mix

By combining the products we were able to offer a long term solution that offers durability through high compression strength of at least 27MPa and a breathable waterproof finish which is suitable for potable water applications.

As a non-toxic concrete based product this product can be used as a lining for areas where water is to be stored, from water tanks, reservoirs and water treatment plants. It can also be used to refurbish existing water tanks and feeding troughs.


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