Fonterra Tuamarina Dairy Plant Repair

How a dairy plant went from gluggy to gleaming.

Dairy farm Infrastructure within a high functioning plant can take a real beating. Rigorous processes and exposures to acidic materials wreak havoc on the working systems over time and can be expensive and frustrating to repair over and over again. That’s why when Fonterra’s Tuamarina plant in Blenheim required maintenance and repair, they sought the best products and an expert team to take care of the maintenance properly. Mastermix’s products, Rapid Repair and Shield, took centre stage, using innovative concrete solutions that would withstand the watery and acidic environment that had contributed to the damage. Not only that, the chosen products boast a design life of more than 50 years when applied correctly, which ensured the plant’s ability to continue functioning at a high level to keep up with demand for longer.

The problem

Upon inspection, the team at Reline Nz ascertained that the infrastructure required a thorough deep clean, repair and future-proofing shield in the tanker cleaning bay. As pictured, there were various levels of build-up, stubborn grime and damage that required hydro cleaning and preventative concrete repair and shield solutions to get the Fonterra tanker cleaning bay back up to the performance level required.

The solution

After high powered cleaning, the affected areas were ready to be repaired with Rapid Repair, a fast-setting, powerful waterproof concrete solution. Once smooth and set, the team applied Mastermix Shield. Made from recycled glass, Shield has redefined how a concrete coating system should perform. The concrete solution includes a hard-wearing coating that is waterproof, acid/inert free, and drinking water safe. Resistant to both alkali and acid, Shield is perfect for harsh environments found at dairy and waste plants and can be spray applied for easy application.

Before and After

With a futureproofed water tank cleaning bay, the Tuamarina plant now can continue to function properly and hygienically for longer. Check out these before and after images to get an insider’s look at the result.

Mastermix Rapid Repair

The perfect step one solution for an acidic environment repair. Set apart by its fast curing times, early high compressive strength characteristics, impressive adhesive qualities and waterproofing excellence, Rapid Repair is the solution to repair most concrete products, either on its own or as part of a two-step system when acidity is present. 
  • The design life of more than 50 years when applied correctly
  • Trade quality product
  • Fast setting
  • Adheres in damp conditions
  • High flexibility
  • High adhesive strengths
  • Waterproof repair medium
  • Suitable for potable water applications
  • Drinking water safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Repairs to damp, wet or even underwater surfaces

Mastermix Shield

Leading the way for a new category defending coating system, Mastermix Shield is the step two solution to complete an acidic or waterproof environment repair project. Completely waterproof and free of both inert and acid, Shield is the future-proofing concrete solution to protect your surfaces from premature damage. Just a 3mm coating will provide a durable waterproof coating that is both acid and alkali resistant. 


  • Suitable as a topcoat on most substrates
  • Made from recycled glass
  • Trade quality product
  • Adheres in damp conditions
  • Drinking water safe
  • 3 to 4 hour curing time
  • Sulphuric, Hydrochloric, Lactic Acid and Hydrogen Sulphide resistant
  • Spray applied for easy application
  • High strength and flexibility

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Dedicated to keeping nz green

Mastermix is a proudly New Zealand owned and operated company and is committed to developing environmentally sustainable concrete products for use in our country. We are constantly assessing and identifying any issues with our processes to find more eco-friendly and effective solutions. Recycled glass, which we use in our Shield product, was an expensive problem for the local councils who were not properly equipped to process the amount of glass.

We chose to develop a concrete solution that incorporated recyclable glass into Mastermix Shield, which utilises the hard-wearing properties of glass to form a durable topcoat that is both waterproof and acid-free.

Reliable Concrete Solutions for Repair and Maintenance

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