Fire Mortar Mix helping our Community

Having a community focus is important to us here at Mastermix. Such as using recycled glass in our Shield products to help take some of the pressure of local council in their efforts to process all the recycled bottles.

One of the advantages of this approach is we often get ideas for our next products from our customers. We are in the business of solving our customers concrete problems after all.

As it so happens we just received a testimonial for one of our existing problem solving products Fire Mortar Mix. This product is designed for projects that require mortar that can handle temperatures of 1500-1800°C such as furnaces or ovens.

R.Watson, a customer of ours...

has been using the product for his forge and was kind enough to email us the following ‘glowing’ independent assessment of how the product performed both in preparation and while in use under high temperature:

The mortar is mixed 150mls of water to 1kg of fire mix. It is very important to take your time and mix it thoroughly

I had to be able to cast the mix into a small furnace so I use a little more water than recommended this also increased the drying time from one and a half hours to around three hours

I found the mix to be very easy to work with.

After drying I removed the former from the center. then left it to dry for a further day then I fired it with a small wood fire to start the drying process (about 3hours).

After would I use a propane burner to increase the heat to 750c for about 1hour then I increased it to 1300c and held it for one hour with no problems.

I can now light the furnace and take it up to around 800c and with in about 20minutes I can melt and cast a small crucible of aluminium.

In my opinion this is an excellent product that I can recommend.

It is most suitable for furnaces, wood fired pizza ovens, blacksmiths forge, poters, kilns and firepits or where very high temperature`s are used.

We really appreciate R.Watson taking the time to provide feedback on our Fire Mortar Mix!


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