Mastermix Shield Nelson Manholes Repair

You already know the Mastermix range takes care of your repair needs but did you know we also offer long term shielding from even the toughest acidic and marine environments?

How long is a long time, you might ask? Well accelerated tests have shown that in a sewer environment with levels of pH3.5 the life expectancy would be better than 50 years!

Mastermix Shield is a high performing coating system which was developed using recycled glass to form a hard wearing durable top coat over most substrates, that require a waterproof coating that is Hydrogen Sulphide and acid resistant.

Made from recycled glass, this product is helping to solve a costly problem for local councils while offering compression strength better than 20 Mpa whilst still remaining flexible.

In the real world you can find the product extending the life of sewer manholes up and down the country. Take for example a brick sewer manhole in Nelson which was leaking groundwater. Rather than opting for the costly replacement option the Nelson council agreed to use Mastermix Rapid Repair (which is waterproof) and Mastermix Shield.

The structural integrity of the bricks was restored using Mastermix Rapid Repair before applying a 5mm coating of Mastermix Shield to the inside of the structure.

The end result is a hard wearing, eco friendly solution that exceeds the 7 year warranty period required by Nelson council by a long time….

Mastermix is committed to solving our clients problems regardless of how tough so get in touch and we’ll guide you through to the right product mix!

We look forward to hearing from you,

The Team at Mastermix


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